AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules



[Feb 2016] AUREA Technology launches the first CW/gated-mode NIR photon counting module

[Feb 2016] AUREA Technology launches the…

[San Francisco, Feb., 2016] AUREA Technology launches the first free-running and gated photon counting module at SPIE Photonics West 2016 booth 1223A ...

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[June 5-9, 2016] CLEO - San Jose, USA

[June 5-9, 2016] CLEO - San Jose, USA

Please come and meet your low-level-of-light detec...

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AUREA Technology designs and manufactures a new generation of high performance and easy-to-use Single Photon Counting Modules that enable worldwide scientists and engineers to measure very low light level down to a single photon. This superior photon detection allows them to achieve outstanding results, and remain at the cutting edge of their field.

As a leading maker of innovative optical instruments, AUREA Technology provides the “best in class” Single Photon Counting Module and also the first “all-in-one” Time Correlated Single Photon Counting TCSPC Module. AUREA Technology works closely with its scientific and industrial customers to meet the photon counting challenges of today and tomorrow in the biotechnology, nanotechnology, life sciences, optical networking, bio-medical, environmental and aeronautics industries.

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